Pets On Channel 5

In 2015 we featured on Milkshake TV on Channel 5 for a program called Pets. We were in 2 episodes of the childrens TV Show.

Giant Rabbits

One of the episodes starred our giant rabbits Sandy and Stanley with their 9 babies. 3 of the babies now live at Willows Farm and you my have seen them on your visit there! The show featured Sunny and Betty-Jean with their friends Ronnie and Leni feeding the rabbits and playing with them in the pen.

Pygmy Goats

The second episode that we were in was with our pet pygmy goats Boycie and Marlene and really showed just how fun and friendly and very mischievous goats can be. They have amazing personalities and spend their days looking for some fun to have! They could be seen playing on the trampoline with the children and also going for a walk down The Alban Way where there were a fair few confused bike riders!

Sadly Boycie and Marlene no longer live with us as they got very big and we felt they weren’t getting the most out of life. When we rescued them they were heading for the meat trade and they now live happily with their kids Cassie and Raquel and three other goats in a lovely big field with lots to do. We do miss them every day but we know they have the best life now!