Our Accommodation

Most Pet Shops will tell you all about the 3 hop rule for your rabbit! We don’t believe in that at all. Why restrict the pet that you love to 3 hops? Our accommodation ensures that All of our guests and our permanent residents have the luxury of a nice big hutch but more importantly their own private run that they have access to ALL DAY. They are shut away into their hutch at night purely for their own safety and the fact that we have so many rabbits and guinea pigs around. They are then let out in the morning to enjoy their grass area.

After trialing various hutches we now only use Hutch and Roost hutches. Not only have we found them to be the best quality, but they are also the biggest, as they seem to be deeper than most other hutches that are out there. Also all of our hutches have waterproof and thermal covers on for extra protection. You can find lots of things for your bunnies and piggies by Clicking Here but we have also added some photos of the hutches we use below:

The newest part of our enclosure is something called a Rabbitopia and was designed by a rabbit lover. Dunster House manufacture them and we absolutely love everything they design. They have now come up with a new “hutch” called The Bunnery which is absolutely fantastic. These are not cheap but if you want to spoil your bunnies and guinea pigs then these are a must! You can find all of their different types of accommodation by Clicking Here but we have also added some images below.

Our Areas

All guests have their own private hutch and run when staying with us and have freedom of their run all day, only being shut away at night having been let out first thing in the morning.

Hygiene At Fairbrother Farm

Before and after each guest’s stay at Fairbrother Farm their hutches and areas are thoroughly cleaned with ANIGENE HLD4ND DISINFECTANT FOR ANIMAL WELFARE, which is pictured below and you can find out more information about it by CLICKING HERE. During your pets stay with us their habitat will be cleaned regularly with the more familiar Johnsons Clean N Safe Spray.